Types of knives you will need in your kitchen


In a modern kitchen there are different types of operations which require different cooking utensils. Of great importance to our kitchen is the knife. There are different types of knives with different uses. You need to understand these different types of knives for you to cook successfully. In this article I am going to highlight the different types of knives that are of importance to your kitchen.

1. The Chef’s Knife: This is the most essential knife in one’s kitchen. It can be used for almost any task in your kitchen ranging from chopping, mincing to slicing. With the necessary skill-set this knife has a high precision and fast performance. The length of this knife ranges from 6 to 10 inches.

2. The Paring Knife: This knife is suitable for mincing and peeling tasks, it can also be used to slice and cut little objects with great precision. The length of the knife’s blade ranges from 1/2 – 3 inches.

3. The Boning Knife: this sleek knife is best suited for removal of flesh from bones. It is fairly flexible and it can access the difficult spaces sandwiched between two bones. The knife is 5 – 6 inches long.

4. The Serrated Knife: As the name suggests the knife has a serrated blade, it is commonly used to slice bread hence the name bread knife. The serrated blade can penetrate into foods with hard crust and also slippery foods. The knife has blade which is 6 inches long.

5. The Utility Knife: this knife can either have a serrated or a straight blade. It has multiple applications around the kitchen and outside the kitchen in the garden for cutting different vegetables.

6. The Fillet Knife: This knife is specifically used in fish filleting. Its protruding blade is designed to get into the backbone of the fish without damaging the flesh. The knife is 6-11 inches long.

7. The Mincing Knife: As the name describes, this knife is used specifically for mincing different types of food especially when preparing soups and salads dressing. It comes in two designs; the single bladed and the double bladed.

8. The Frozen Food Knife: This knife is used to cut frozen foods without waiting for them to thaw. It has a saw-like blade which can cut through the hardest of foods.

For you to be a good cook or even a successful chef you have to understand the different types of knives in your kitchen and their proper use. It’s also important to have the best electric knife sharpener in your kitchen, so you can have all your knives in a good shape.

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