How To Use A Pressure Cooker Properly – You Should Know This


A pressure cooker can make preparing complicated meals easy. The newer, stand alone models allow for even greater ease of preparing meats, soups, and stews.

A few simple steps can make using the pressure cooker even easier.

Cleaning is the first step to making using the best pressure cooker easier. Making sure that the cooker is properly cleaned with warm, soapy water and thoroughly rinsed assures its readiness when it is needed. Be sure to always clean the cooker by hand and gently wipe it down before storing it.

Another way to make the cooker works more efficiently is to add the proper amount of water before cooking. The sealed lid can cause meats and foods to dry out, so having the right amount of liquid in the pot will ensure that the foods stay moist and delicious.

Always prep your food. Meats may need browning or simmering, and be sure to rinse and properly cut or chop vegetable and fruits. Many cookers come with instruction booklets to inform users how to get the most out of every bite. The newer electric models do not always require pre-preparation so that makes cooking even easier and faster.

Make sure that the lid is fully engaged and locked before beginning the cooking process. There will be a large amount of steam that can burn hands and face if the lid is not properly engaged. Be sure that the pressure valve is closed as well for steam can be released from there as well.

Being cautious of the release of steam is also true when opening the cooker after the food is done. Always release the pressure valve slowly and keep hands and face away from the steam. When removing the lid, do so slowly for steam may still be caught within the chamber.

Always follow the directions included with the cooker. Read the directions fully and be sure that you understand all of them. Whether the cooker is an electric one, or is placed on the stove, proper use will prevent serious injury from happening.

The pressure cooker enhances the taste and texture of foods prepared in it. The steam keeps the foods mosit and help them to retain their nutrients and vitamins. It is truly a grand helper in the kitchen making nutritious and delicious a simple and easy task. Proper use of a pressure cooker is not too difficult and usually requires only a reading of the instructions included with it.

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